Aransas County commissioners, at their regular meeting Tuesday, May 26, unanimously approved the Concept Plan for Sangam Estates subdivision, as well as a proposed replat of Market Street property.

Sangam Estates is proposed for property south of Rattlesnake Point Road and west of South Salt Lake Road.

The county’s Kat Comeaux noted Sangam Estates will be half-acre lots with single-family homes.

“After approval of the preliminary plat, we’ll finalize engineering plans,” she said. “It is located in the city’s (Rockport) ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction) so it has to be approved by them, as well.”

Commissioner Charles Smith asked if the final plat will be brought back to the court for approval.

Comeaux answered affirmatively.

She said the layout is pretty cut and dried, with adequate space, two roads built to county standards, and it will meet the requirements of the county’s drainage plan.

Former County HR Director Pat Rousseau, who will be seated as Pct. 3 commissioner Jan. 1, asked, “Are the preliminary and engineering plans available to the public?

Comeaux said the engineering plans are not available to the public because they are proprietary.

Rousseau also noted Rattlesnake Point Road is in bad shape, according the county’s 2020 Annual Road Conditions Report.

“Will work be done (on that road)?” she asked.

Comeaux said work on Rattlesnake Road will be funded via federal CBDG-DR funds.

“The money in on its way and it will take about two years to complete all the road improvements,” said Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills.

(Note: see story about awarding of funds for county roadwork. Announcement made after the commissioner’s meeting.)

The Market Street replat is for 2351 and 2301-F1 Market St.

The property is located in Rockport’s ETJ, so the replat will have to be approved by the city, as well.

“This is an uncommon replat,” said Comeaux. “I wanted to bring it before the commissioners because it’s something we don’t see a lot of.”

Commissioner Jack Chaney said the right-of-way (ROW) provided in the replat is tied to property, all the way back to FM 1069. Comeaux noted all the private property owners have approved the ROW.

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