A stray bullet entered a RV and hit the bedroom wall before falling to the floor. Another bullet grazed a vehicle.

Aransas County Commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Aug. 23, heard from five residents regarding stray bullets flying across their property in the southern reaches of Aransas County, outside the Rockport City limits.

(Note: The residents made their comments during the Citizens to be Heard portion of the agenda. Commissioners are not allowed to respond.)

One Adolfo Road resident said the firing of guns is “definitely becoming an issue” for the property owners surrounding those properties from which shots are being fired.

He suggested a public awareness campaign so that those shooting guns understand stray bullets are a real danger.

“I’m all for gun rights,” said Stanley Ward. “But, I’m also responsible.”

He suggested his and others’ concerns about this issue be placed on a future agenda.

Amy Biddle, the owner of an RV Park on Rabbit Run Road, said something needs to be done about the reckless discharge of firearms in the county.

“On Saturday, Aug. 14 two bullets entered our property. One hit an RV. An older gentleman lives there.

“We heard the sound and investigated,” she said. “We found a bullet hole in the RV.

“It entered the bedroom (and the older gentleman) was in the living room at the time.

“We found the actual bullet laying on the floor.

“If it wasn’t the RV, it could have been one of us. We were playing cards behind that RV.”

Biddle noted the Aransas County Sheriff’s Office came to the scene and investigated the incident.

“I don’t think anyone has been arrested,” she said.

Biddle talked about another incident in which what appeared to be another stray bullet glanced a vehicle, causing a surface dent.

She also said one RV in her park was peppered by shot from a shotgun shell during this past duck season.

“Gunfire has become commonplace in the area,” said Biddle. “We believe in the 2nd Amendment, but with those freedoms come responsibilities.”

Kevin Biddle said that area of the county is becoming more densely populated.

“Help us figure something out before something goes wrong,” he said.

Sheri Hall said neighbors talk about it “sounding like Kuwait” out there.

She said she confronted one shooter who was target practicing, and some of the bullets “got away”.

That shooter apologized.

Hall noted, “You can say until you’re blue in the face, ‘You need to take care of your lead’.”

Another resident in the area said he moved there in 1994.

“The first thing we experienced were bullets flying over our head,” he said.

“It slowed down, but now it’s picking back up.

“It’s going to be a problem.

“We need to educate people. I want people to live out here safely.”

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