Nice digs

The walls of Aransas County Animal Control are more colorful now with a fresh, new coat of paint. A seating area for visitors to come by and visit with pets has also been renovated.

The Aransas County Animal Control opened its doors to local media outlets Tuesday, May 7 and shared some of its newest upgrades and equipment in order to provide a better working environment and make the shelter a more inviting place for visitors to attend.

Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills and Aransas County Precinct Four Commissioner Wendy Laubach were present for the event.

Judge Mills expressed his gratitude for all the volunteers and employees that keep the Aransas County Animal Control going.

Representatives from volunteer organizations such as Another Chance RFT and Cat Tales Rescue TX were also present for the event.

The shelter was able to secure funding from Aransas County and has been upgrading its facilities since September 2019.

One of those major upgrades includes an air conditioning unit for the whole facility. The shelter did not have central heating and air before the new unit, relying primarily on large industrial fans and wind blowing through open doors to keep the facility cool during the summer months. It has been a rewarding gift for workers and pets alike.

Another notable upgrade is the facelift the facility received on the interior walls. Instead of what used to be a dull, brown color painted on the interior walls, brighter, more vivid colors replace them.

Other improvements have been new tables used to hold bowls and cups for feeding, kennels, new leashes and collars, and a newly renovated seating area for visitors.

The shelter hopes that with these new improvements, visitors will feel more comfortable in attending the shelter, leading to even more pet adoptions.

The facility is also making plans and renovations for new offices and a reception area. The current office space at the Aransas County Animal Control will soon be moved to a room adjacent to it, along with new office equipment. The current office will be converted into a new reception/visitor area.

For more information about the Aransas County Animal Control, visit its site at or follow their page on Facebook at ‘Aransas County Animal Control’.

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