Bob Dupnik has filed for the Aransas County Commissioner Precinct 4-4A position in the Republican Primary. He believes Aransas County is unique with its bays and windswept oaks that provide a quality of life that should be protected. He also believes the residents of Aransas County need to have their rights protected, and he is willing to fight the “good fight” to do so.

“Aransas County is among the last of its type along the Texas Gulf Coast,” said Dupnik. “Future growth in this community needs to be balanced with maintaining the attractive lifestyle that brought so many of us here.

“An important duty of the Commissioners’ Court is to work together in a responsible manner and with consideration for the expressed needs and wishes of its residents, while at the same time protecting the natural beauty and the lifestyle of our residents.”

Dupnik believes honest and open communication is necessary for the Court to properly perform its important duties. He will bring his reputation for integrity to his precinct and to the County in general.

Dupnik began his 43-year professional career with Central Power and Light (CPL) - Corpus Christi as a transmission and distribution lineman and foreman during his early years. He was promoted into a multi-county distribution management position in Kenedy, TX. In 1996, he moved to Rockport to manage the Aransas Pass Service Center following a corporate (CPL to AEP) restructuring. Dupnik’s position required interaction with local, county, state, and the federal government, as well as all levels of law enforcement and various emergency management organizations.

Dupnik’s philosophy has always been that an individual customer or small business owner deserves the same respect and consideration as a major corporation. This philosophy has guided his decisions during his career and will continue to guide him as your commissioner.

Hurricane Harvey hit Aransas County in August 2017 just as Dupnik was planning to retire. His last career challenge was to direct the restoration of the area’s electrical power grid after the storm. He saw his job as another opportunity to serve all levels of society and government.

“I have no agenda or allegiance to special interest groups. I exhibit strong principles and want to use my tested and proven leadership skills to serve all residents of Aransas County,” said Dupnik.

He and his wife, Beth, moved their family to Rockport in the summer of 1997. Three of their four children were still in school at the time, and attended, and then graduated from Aransas County Independent School District schools. His family chose to live in Aransas County because of its exceptional beauty and quality of life.

Dupnik’s former job and long tenure provided opportunities to develop lasting relationships with many Aransas County residents, and also increased his awareness of the challenges faced by small businesses, individuals, and various neighborhoods within Precinct 4-4A, and all of Aransas County. His business skill set and knowledge have proven valuable to Precinct 4-4A, Aransas County, and its residents in the past; both pre- and post-Hurricane Harvey. Those skills and knowledge will be of real value when he serves as commissioner.

“Living and working here for 25 years has helped me realize I share the same values as most Precinct 4-4A residents,” said Dupnik. “I want to be your advocate.”

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