The Aransas County Independent School District Board (ACISD) of Trustees, at their regular board meeting Thursday, Sept. 26, voted unanimously to move forward with calling Rockport-Fulton Middle School (RFMS) students Pirates instead of Bucs or Buccaneers.

The action item as written in the agenda was pulled from the consent agenda and made a separate item. It originally stated for the RFMS mascot to be changed from Buc to Pirate at the start of the 2020-21 school year. The item was pulled and edited to make the mascot change for RFMS effective immediately.

The board previously discussed it was something they wanted to get done so every student in the ACISD will be referred to as Pirates.

“If we do it now, it’s not going to change anything,” said ACISD Board Trustee Kenneth Cruzan.

In extracurricular activities, RFMS students are widely referred to as Bucs or Buccaneers. With the change being made effective immediately, RFMS students and teams will now be referred to as Pirates, as are Rockport-Fulton High School students.

The board consulted RFMS Principal Christina Spears before voting on it and was on board with making the change.

“I know the athletics department has already started going that way the past few years,” said Spears. “We’re already working on the high school alma mater now anyway, so it’s up to y’all.”

Spears also added there was no financial risk in making the change effective immediately since most uniforms used in extracurricular activities no longer refer to RFMS students as Bucs or Buccaneers.

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