About to be moved

The old Kline’s Caféwill soon be moved from its Austin Street location, to the corner of St. Mary’s and Magnolia streets. It will be positioned on the property with the front facing St. Mary’s. That approval was granted by the Rockport City Council at its meeting Tuesday, Nov. 10.

The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 10, acting as the Heritage District board of directors, approved a Heritage District Certificate of Appropriateness application submitted by Ron Meyeres of Upside Ventures LLC for the moving and placement of Kline’s Café at 1005 St. Mary’s Street.

The approval is needed so Meyeres can place the historic restaurant building fronting St. Mary’s. The approval also allows a 12-foot setback on Magnolia Street to provide room for a driveway off St. Mary’s and parking spaces. Without the setback, there could be no onsite parking spaces. The setback will also allow for decking wrapped around the Magnolia side of the building.

Rockport resident and Texas Historical Commission Board Member Monica Burdette spoke in support of the certificates’ passage.

“All involved have worked creatively to preserve this building,” she said. “What a great plan (moving Kline’s to St. Mary’s Street) to preserve and keep Kline’s in the Heritage District footprint.

“Ron Meyeres is doing all of this at his own expense. Turning the building to face St. Mary’s Street, instead of Magnolia, will allow people to see the front (of it) as they travel down Austin Street.

“I think it’s the perfect plan. There will be no dumpsters showing, and the beautiful side of the building will be seen from our main street.”

The Texas Historical Commission has approved the Kline’s relocation plan, and the Rockport Center for the Arts is waiting for the green light from the EDA.

Meyeres is paying to move Kline’s in exchange for ownership of the building.

The next steps include preparing the site and then start lifting the building for relocation.

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