Rockport City Manager Kevin Carruth is vacating his post Jan. 7, 2022, but it will cost Rockport taxpayers $269,908.12, plus the cost of hiring a search firm to find a new city manager.

(Note: That is roughly equivalent to about 2¢ on the tax rate.)

Carruth is receiving six months salary, payment for unused vacation and sick leave, which accounts for almost 54% of the settlement, as well as insurance for six months. The settlement will be paid in bimonthly payments with the City’s regular payroll in 26 equal amounts.

The City is also providing a neutral letter of reference for Carruth, and will not contest unemployment benefits if Carruth must apply for such benefits.

Nov. 3 meeting

The Rockport City Council, after meeting for about 2-1/2 hours in executive session Nov. 3, accepted Carruth’s resignation with a 4-1 vote.

The motion to accept his resignation, made by Councilwoman Katy Jackson, included authorizing the City attorney to work with Carruth and City staff to finalize the agreement.

That agreement was to be addressed at the Council’s Nov. 9 meeting.

Councilwoman Andrea Hattman seconded the motion. Jackson, Hattman, Mayor Pro-tem J.D. Villa and Councilman Brad Brundrett voted to accept Carruth’s resignation. Mayor Pat Rios cast the lone dissenting vote.

Nov. 9 meeting

After meeting for 75 minutes in executive session at its regular meeting Nov. 9, to discuss legal issues with the City’s legal counsel related to the final terms of the separation agreement between the City and Carruth, the council, with a 3-2 vote, authorized Mayor Rios to finalize the agreement.

Jackson, Brundrett, and Hattman voted to authorize the mayor to finalize the agreement.

Mayor Rios and Villa cast the dissenting votes.

With the same 3-2 vote, the council approved seeking proposals related to interim city manager services, as well as conducting a search for a new city manager.

The estimated cost for those services is not known.

Nov. 23 meeting

After meeting in executive session, the council unanimously approved authorizing Mayor Rios to engage with Texas First to secure an interim city manager.

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