Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Jan. 3, heard from two residents during the “citizens to be heard” portion of the agenda.

Jack Wright asked that the district post its financial statements on the ACND website.

“The audit is valuable, but it only allows the public to view (the ACND’s) financial health annually.

He questioned the ACND’s claim that tourists and visitors to ACND properties is what drives the economies in the region.

“Do you think the only reason people visit is for the boat ramps and beach?” asked Wright.

He said that claim is a slap in the face to those individuals and organizations who actually promote the area.

Wright noted the state gave the district its property, and the district is the steward of those assets.

“You’re not in the business of creating economic gains. You’re in the business of serving the taxpayers and your charge is to protect navigable coastal waters, and nothing else,” he said. “Please be mindful of that.”

Wright also said the meeting was an illegal one because only two of the three required meeting notices were posted within 72 hours of the meeting.

Scott Hime called out Aransas County Surveyor Jerry Brundrett and Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills.

Hime said Brundrett published information that the ACND doesn’t own the property in dispute (regarding the Concho Street Drainage Project).

“I’ve checked (several sources) and you do in fact own it,” said Hime.

He noted Brundrett’s writings about the subject have created tension with taxpayers, and that is going to affect upcoming elections.

“We don’t know who owns the property because the county surveyor, whose job it is to establish that, published a statement that says you don’t own it,” he said.

Hime said the problem he has with Brundrett’s statement is he did it as part of a group that’s “dedicated to re-electing the county judge (Mills).”

He said he will attend the next Commissioners’ Court meeting and demand an investigation.

“I want clarification,” said Hime. “If the land doesn’t belong to you, then we need to know how that information got into the Aransas county website.

“I don’t believe the judge can be trusted since this person (Brundrett) endorsed him and has done this as part of a group that endorses him for re-election.”

Hime said he will delay his request for an investigation if it interferes with current negotiations between the ACND and City of Rockport regarding the Concho Street Drainage Project.

He said he will continue to ask for an investigation once negotiations with the City are complete, if that’s what the ACND wants him to do.

“The citizens of the county deserve to know if the county surveyor told the truth about who owns the property,” said Hime.

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