Colorful trucks

Coastal Bend Waste, a locally owned garbage collector, celebrated its first anniversary this month. Its colorful trucks will soon include one with a Rockport-Fulton Pirates’ paint ensemble on it.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of Coastal Bend Waste’s (CBW) operations in Aransas County.

Matthew White, the “Chief of Trash” for the business, said, “We started CBW because we saw a need for a better, reliable trash service in the community. We are the only trash hauler based out of Rockport and one of the only local options in a consolidating industry facing heavy pressure from regional and national large competitors.”

He noted service is CBW’s calling card.

“Before we started CBW, customers (in the area we operate) came to expect a 50-75% pickup rate. We’ve completely changed the way the community views trash pickup with our affordable bin service and 99+% reliability,” said White. “Not only are we friendly and easy to work with, but we are also tech-enabled and provide features not normally seen from a local small businesses.”

White noted CBW provides bin service (just like Republic Services provides inside the Rockport City limits).

“Outside the City limits, everything is individual contract,” he said. “There are very few (companies) that provide service to them,” he said.

CBW bought the former K&B Trash company.

“We had to do a complete rebrand. Right now we are just focusing on the Aransas County area,” said White. “We have about tripled our customer base in our first year of operations.”

He said garbage collection for rental and vacation homes is a significant challenge in Aransas County.

“We work with HOAs, rental companies, and vacation homeowners to provide unique solutions to tackle the trash problem often created by short term rentals,” said White.

Brett Bohn, who is part of the CBW team, said, “We’re trying to be a good employer and build a team. There aren’t many communities that have local trash companies.”

Clayton Reaser, the principal owner of the CBW, said, “We saw a giant void from what this community needs in regards to trash service versus what we were getting. The Rockport-Fulton area is different in a lot of ways from other cities. The cookie cutter approach that works in big cities does not work here, and shouldn’t be forced upon us.

“Some homes need twice a week pickup, especially some of the rental properties,” said Reaser. “We hear over and over from realtors (rent houses) that they have to haul off trash in the trunks of their car and go to the transfer station to get the trash out before the next renter.”

Reaser said the City’s current contract with Republic Services doesn’t allow a property owner to receive service from another company.

“We aren’t taking anything from Republic, and the City only gains from trash not piling up longer than need be,” said Reaser.

He said locally owned small business is the lifeblood of a community.

“CBW pays sales tax, property tax, and personal property taxes in Aransas County,” said Reaser. “None of our competitors do that.”

He added service and communication is paramount to CBW.

“When you call us, whomever picks up the phone is likely to know what street you are on, most likely because they have been on the route that picks up your trash,” he said.

“Our next truck is going to have the Rockport-Fulton Pirates paint ensemble on it.”

(Note: Residents living in the City of Rockport must use Republic Services for garbage/recycle service. That company is under contract with the City. Property owners outside the City limits are responsible for obtaining their own garbage service. The City’s contract with Republic Services ends July 31, 2023. There is a five-year renewal option.)

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