The Aransas County Sheriff Office (ACSO) continues to seek information about the identity of an unidentified male who was found partially buried Dec. 2 in a brushy area off the SH 35 Bypass near Murphy Road.

Aransas County Sheriff Bill Mills said The Texas Rangers have provided the information about the unidentified male to the Joint Operations Intelligence Center (JOIC) in Victoria.

“All agencies run information through the JOIC to provide a wider area from which information might be found,” said Mills.

(Note: On Wednesday, Dec. 22 Mills said there is a possibility they have identified the body, but the identity has not been confirmed.)

Anyone with information about the identity of the deceased, or circumstances surrounding his death, is asked to contact the ACSO at 729-2222 or Crime Stoppers at 729-TIPS.

The ACSO discovered the body after receiving a tip regarding the location of the remains.

Missing person

The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers are seeking help in an attempt to locate a missing person. Jesse Ellis Goodman, 41, (6’2”, 225 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes) of Fulton was last seen in the early morning of July 7, 2021 in Fulton. If one has any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Goodman, please contact the Texas Rangers at (361) 696-6571, or the Fulton Police Department at (361) 729-5533.

Fulton Police Chief Rick McLester said it has been determined Goodman is not the individual found partially buried Dec. 2 off the SH 35 Bypass.

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