Rockport Mayor Pat Rios recognizes City Secretary Teres Valdez for being named a Fellow in the Athenian Leadership Society.

Rockport City Secretary Teresa Valdez has been accepted as a Fellow in the Athenian Leadership Society. She is one of only 26 Athenian Fellows in the state. There are only 153 in the entire country.

Mayor Pat Rios recognized Valdez at the start of the Rockport City Council’s regular meeting Tuesday, March 10.

The Athenians were leaders who invented the idea of political democracy, philosophy, logic, and rhetoric. They left the world enriched with their ideas.

The choice Athenian in the title of the Leadership Society signals the value of this culture from 2,500 year ago. To be an Athenian Fellow is to hold knowledge and the quest for knowledge in high esteem.

“Municipal clerks at their best exemplify Athenian values,” said Rios.

The Athenian Leadership Society is an International Academy for and of municipal clerks worldwide. It was established in 2005 to recognize and honor municipal clerks who seek personal and professional improvement as an Athenian leader in their chosen profession.

The highest achievement for Society members is to be inducted as a Fellow with all rights, privileges, and recognition bestowed by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

Valdez has fulfilled all the requirements to become an Athenian Fellow and will be recognized in May during the opening ceremonies of the 2020 annual conference in St. Louis.

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