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A section of Mimosa Street located in the county, on the west side of Business Highway 35, was recently renamed Galindo Lane by Aransas County commissioners in honor of PFC Guadalupe Galindo, Jr. He gave his life in defense of his Country in Vietnam. The new street signs were unveiled Saturday, July 20. Friends and family on hand that day included, back row, from left, Trey Moreno, Vicenta Moreno, Augie Garcia, Commissioner Bubba Casterline, Antonio Galindo (brother), Patsy Waddy, and Ashley Waddy; and front row, from left, Nate Moreno, Roman Garcia, Eli Moreno, Eloisa Galindo (sister), Richard Dominguez, and Anita Dominguez (see story).

A portion of Mimosa Street, located in Aransas County, has officially been changed to Galindo Lane. Friends and family met Saturday, July 20 to honor the change in name (see “Background” at end of story).

The Rockport City Council is expected to rename a 1-1/2 block section of Mimosa that is unimproved, to Galindo Lane, as well. The council discussed the matter at its regular meeting Tuesday, July 23 and will act on the change at its next meeting.

When or if that action is taken, Mimosa, on the west side of Business Highway 35, will be Galindo Lane. Mimosa, on the east side of the highway, will remain Mimosa.

During discussion at Tuesday’s meeting, it was determined changing the name of Mimosa on the east side of the highway, where there are numerous residences and businesses, would create a burden (address changes, etc.).

City Manager Kevin Carruth said there is no impact changing the name in the 1-1/2 block section on the west side of the highway (because there are no addresses).

“Making the name change on the east side (of the highway) is a little more difficult,” he said, noting the burden placed on residents and business owners, as well as the city to make new street signs.

Councilwoman Barbara Gurtner pointed out if the name is changed on the east side of the highway then Mimosa would “go away.”

Mayor Pat Rios reiterated individuals and business on the east side of the highway will incur a “considerable expense” if the street’s name is changed.

“To me, it’s very easy to change the name (on the short 1-1/2 block portion),” said Gurtner.

The council is expected to address the name change at its first meeting in August.

Carruth noted if the council approves the change, it will be adopted on second reading the same week Galindo gave his life in defense of his Country.

He also said the request to change the name of the street brought up another issue.

“We do not have any existing guidelines for naming a street after someone,” he said.

Mayor Pro-tem J.D. Villa said he talked with County Commissioner Bubba Casterline about naming streets after hometown heroes.

“We talked about the possibility of when we make a new road, go to the memorial at Veterans Park and name streets after hometown heroes (who gave their lives in defense of our country),” said Villa.


For 25 years, an order approved by Aransas County commissioners, was not carried out.

Commissioners, at their June 10 meeting, approved amending an Order saying Mimosa Street (portion located in the county) is to be changed honorably to Galindo Lane.

On May 25, 1994 the court approved an Order that Mimosa be honorably changed to Galindo Lane in honor of PFC Guadalupe Galindo, Jr.

Galindo gave his life August 24, 1969 in defense of his Country in Vietnam.

Casterline said he ran across the oversight by accident and was quite surprised someone dropped the ball one this 25 years ago.

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