Mayor addresses virtual crowd

Rockport Mayor Pat Rios, left, answers a question during the Candidates Panel and Issues Forum. KRIS 6 News Anchor Paulo Salazar, right, moderated the event.

The Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce (RFCC), along with Leadership Aransas County (LAC) alumni, hosted a Candidates Panel and Issues Forum Monday, Oct. 5 at Church Unlimited.

The event was closed to the public due to COVID-19, but was streamed live through Zoom, YouTube, and on the Rockport Pilot and RFCC Facebook pages.

KRIS 6 News Anchor Paulo Salazar moderated the event.

LAC alumni provided the event in an effort to give the public insight into candidates running in the City of Rockport General Election, along with updated and accurate information about Aransas County’s Bond Election.

In the election for Mayor of Rockport, current Mayor Pat Rios was present for the scheduled debate portion. His challenger, Keith Allen, was unable to attend.

Rios provided his opening statement and participated in the Q&A portion of the event. Questions were provided by attendees watching virtually, as well as by LAC alumni.

Questions were broad in spectrum, ranging from topics about the future growth of Rockport, Propositions, micro-hospital, downtown anchor project, traffic, downtown businesses, irrigation, and more.

In all, Rios fielded 25 questions and was given one minute for a closing statement.

To view the Candidates Panel and Issues Forum in its entirety, visit The Rockport Pilot Facebook page and find the live video entitled “Live at the LAC Candiates Panel and Issues forum” published Monday. Oct. 5.

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