The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, June 11, approved the mayoral reappointments to various city boards, committees and/or commissions. However, the city is still seeking individuals to fill vacant seats on those boards, committees and/or commissions.

Vacancies, which need to be filled are as follows (number of vacancies in parenthesis):

• Parks and Leisure Services Advisory Board (one)

• Planning and Zoning Commission (one)

• Tree and Landscape Committee (two)

• Zoning Board of Adjustment and Building & Standards Commission (one)

Public Works Director Mike Donoho said the committee that needs members most is the Tree and Landscape Committee.

“It puts us in a bind when we don’t have a quorum,” said Donoho, noting it can hold up construction projects.

“The problem isn’t with residential property,” he said. “It’s on commercial developments.”

Mayor Pat Rios said he hopes the tree committee doesn’t “go away.”

He said the state is trying to end local regulations aimed at saving trees.

Councilman Bob Cunningham said he doesn’t want to see the tree committee disbanded.

Parks & Leisure Services Director Rick Martinez noted the city recently received its Tree City USA designation for the 20th consecutive year, and one of the requirements is having a tree committee.

Donoho said the boards, committees and commissions are the “citizens’ voice” and encouraged all interested city residents to apply.

Applications are available at city hall or on the city’s website

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