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The ribbon was cut on Corpus Christi Medical Center’s (CCMC) 24/7 ER Rockport Tuesday, Jan. 5. The new ER is affiliated with a hospital so patients can be transported via ambulance to the facility. That is one of the many differences between CCMC’s operation and previous ones, which have failed.

The third time is the charm. Corpus Christi Medical Center (CCMC) opened ER 24/7 Rockport Tuesday, Jan. 5. It is located at 400 Enterprise Blvd., which is the same building in which Code3ER was located.

The free-standing ER is the first one in Aransas County, which is actually affiliated with a hospital. A major difference between CCMC’s set up, and the operations of Code3ER and an earlier stand-alone ER that failed, is that this new ER is directly connected to a hospital, and will therefore be able to accept ambulances, government medical insurance, etc.

“This is an extension of the hospital,” said CCMC CEO Eric L. Evans prior to the official ribbon cutting by the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce. “If you transfer from here it will be just like going down the hall.”

Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills welcomed invited guests, who were all screened prior to the opening, per COVID-19 protocol.

He thanked Aransas County Medical Services, Inc., Dr. Stan Haun, and all those who helped bring CCMC to Rockport and Aransas County.

“We lost our ER about a year ago,” said Mills. “Now, with the help of CCMC, we don’t have to take a long drive.

“This a great day in Aransas County. We’ve been anticipating this for a while, and it’s been needed for a while. We thank everyone involved for getting this facility here.”

Rockport Mayor Pat Rios and Fulton Mayor Kelli Cole then read a joint proclamation from the county, city, and town (see proclamation, separate story).

Evans said it took a lot to bring the new ER to fruition, and thanked everyone who had a part in bringing it to Rockport.

In his opening prayer, Evans said, “We look forward to being a ray of light for this community.”

He said residents of Aransas County and the surrounding area now have local access to world-class life-saving medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The residents of Aransas County and surrounding areas now have access to the same high-quality emergency services as provided at our main campuses at Bay Area and Doctors Regional, but it’s closer for you,” he said. “Today, CCMC opens the doors of its newest facility, ER 24/7 Rockport, a freestanding emergency center.”

The new ER is 7,600 square feet and features six private rooms, board-certified emergency-medicine physicians and nurses with emergency-care experience and certifications.

“ER 24/7 in Rockport offers convenient access to emergency care in emergency-room settings,” said Evans. “With more advanced services than an urgent care center, the ER 24/7 accepts patients via ambulance and walk-ins, and has an on-site CT scanner, ultrasound, X-ray, and laboratory services.

“There is also a helicopter pad for life-saving transport. That means that patients in need of hospital admission have access to transfer to a CCMC hospital.”

Evans said in order to maintain a unified look, the new ER will also be branded under the new CCMC brand logo refresh. For consistency, the two other existing freestanding emergency centers CCMC has will be renamed ER 24/7 Northwest and ER 24/7 Portland.

(Note: CCMC’s refreshed brand includes a sand dollar logo as part of the larger strategic planning process to unify its facilities and expand its reach in the Coastal Bend area. The logo’s multiple facets, which represent CCMC’s facilities, encircle the center diamond. The diamond represents CCMC’s patients, who are always at the center of its commitment to the care and improvement of human life. The new logo better mirrors the mission, the brand and the commitment to providing quality care to the patients the facilities serve throughout their communities.)

Evans closed saying, “We are excited about the opportunity to care for the Rockport and surrounding communities.”

ER 24/7 Rockport has the capabilities to treat broken bones, heart attacks, strokes, sepsis and other serious illnesses and injuries.

The lease with CCMC is between CCMC and Aransas County Medical Services, Inc. (ACMSI), which owns the property on which the building is located, as well as three other buildings, which house other healthcare-related offices.

ACMSI Executive Director Patricia Arnold said, “We’re excited that CCMC is here, and that ambulances can now transport to the facility.”

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