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Students at LOLC line up and mask up before going back to the classroom following a quick recess.

The Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) recently made the return to face to face learning Tuesday, Sept. 8 across all levels. The district recently spent the first three weeks of instruction virtually due to COVID-19.

Reports from the first week of face-to-face instruction by campus principals have been positive, overall.

Live Oak Learning Center Principal Denise Poland said her students have been very mindful of the new COVID-19 guidelines and were excited to come back to school.

“The students have been troopers, wearing their face shield or masks, washing their hands frequently, and being mindful of their space,” said Poland. “Our biggest adjustments have been eating in the classrooms and providing our elective class instruction in homeroom classrooms, but everyone is doing well with this adjustment.”

Fulton Learning Center (FLC) welcomed back 371 students for face-to-face instruction Tuesday, Sept. 8.

FLC Principal Melissa Pittman said her teachers were excited to receive students back into the classroom and students spent the first week adhering to new classroom procedures and expectations.

“Children have adapted well to wearing masks and social distancing while at school,” said Pittman. “They are continuing to utilize technology in a new platform of learning, as well as interacting with teachers and classmates. We have had some changes this year, but we are confident the 2020-21 school year is going to be fantastic.”

Rockport-Fulton High School (RFHS) Principal Rhonda Mieth said 61 percent of the school’s students are on campus, while 39 percent continued virtual learning at the conclusion of Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The RFHS students on campus are doing a “fantastic” job following the required COVID-19 guidelines.

“Students are now on a block schedule, meeting with only four classes a day, and all students are expected to adhere to the expectations of wearing face coverings and maintaining social distance whenever possible,” said Mieth.

With 39 percent of students still learning from home, RFHS teachers are working hard, balancing teaching, monitoring face-to-face students, and instructing virtually.

For more information on the ACISD’s COVID-19 guidelines, visit and click ‘COVID GUIDELINES – STUDENTS AND PARENTS’ under the ‘2020-2021 School Year’ tab.

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