Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) trustees approved the 2020-21 budget and set the 2020 tax rate in a special meeting Thursday, Aug. 27.

The board unanimously approved both items after conducting a 10 minute public hearing regarding the budget.

ACISD Trustee Cindy Robbins was not present for the meeting.

Two questions were asked during the 10-minute period via Zoom, however nothing was changed in the budget or tax rate.

The new tax rate is $0.9803 per $100 valuation, which is lower than last year’s $1.03 rate.

The new tax rate consists of a Maintenance and Operations rate of $0.9301, and an Interest and Sinking rate of $0.0502.

The new rate does not exceed the no-new revenue tax rate.

A big reason the new rate is reduced from last year is due to the ACISD paying off bonds for the construction of Rockport-Fulton Middle School.

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Nine Bears

I've been "doing" municipal law on and off for 44 years. Very often when a land owner learns that a city, county or state needs and easement on their land, or wants to own part of their land, the land owner makes a ridiculously high demand for the amount of money the government agency has to pay them, way more than the value of the property being "taken".

The intelligent response of the public agency's attorney, and the public officials, is to file an "eminent domain" or "condemnation" lawsuit, to cut through the baloney being peddled by a land owner and his/her lawyer, and reach a reasonable price for the easement or ownership of the piece of land which is needed.

I've been involved or watching these sorts of cases for long enough to be able to say that from the government agency point of view, it's the most cost effective way to obtain an easement or ownership interest in a piece of land. The reason for that is because the court case law on eminent domain/condemnation says that there is no defense on the part of the land owner if the land is needed for a road, bridge, public building, break water, border wall, or any other ordinary government agency building. Essentially all the property owner can get away with arguing to the court about is the dollar value of the actual piece of land "taken".

That's how the real world works, and if some unsophisticated land owner thinks that by buying the "bill of goods" sold by an eminent domain/condemnation lawyer who claims to be a specialist, in the hopes of completely stopping a "condemnation or taking for a public purpose" that hope is foolish and the land owner is being "taken" by the eminent domain/condemnation lawyer expert if s/he is billing for their time on an hourly basis.

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