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A large number of Chucky’s Quest volunteers rode in a trailer as they delivered gifts throughout Aransas County. The gift tags on every large gift bag containing items for the “adopted” families featured a picture of Martin “Chucky” Campbell.

Members and volunteers associated with the mission of Chucky’s Quest helped bring joy and cheer to more than 16 deserving families five days before Christmas Sunday, Dec. 20.

Chucky’s Quest honors the memory of Martin Campbell, also known as “Chucky”, a young, energetic boy who tragically passed away Feb. 18, 2019 due to a sudden illness.

For Christmas 2019, Chucky’s Quest assisted one family before the holidays with goods such as food and gifts. For 2020, Chucky’s Quest sponsor Jessica Solis said they wanted to help more families this time around.

In September 2020, Solis reached out to Fulton Learning Center’s (FLC) Communities in School’s (CIS) about the possibility of “adopting” a family for Christmas. Adopting a family meant providing assistance for one individual family that includes a child that is currently attending FLC. FLC was also Chucky’s last school he attended before passing.

After adopting one family, Chucky’s Quest added another … and another … and another...

The operation was getting bigger by the day. As more families and sponsors approached Chucky’s Quest about wanting to sponsor another family in Chucky’s name, Chucky’s Quest continued to adopt more families through FLC’s CIS.

Through donations and sponsorships, which continued to pour in, Chucky’s Quest ultimately adopted 16 families and collected enough funds to buy even more gifts to give out to children. They had also accepted a large donation of toys from Sacred Heart Church to give out.

Volunteers and members of Chucky’s Quest were still shopping and getting everything ready until the morning of delivery day.

When it came time to deliver, more than 30 friends, volunteers, and members of Chucky’s Quest helped deliver food and presents to families across Aransas County for around three hours Sunday, Dec. 20.

The caravan was loaded up with two trailers and three trucks full of goods to disperse to their adopted families. They also donated gifts to more children found along the way at Fifty Oaks Apartments and Sea Mist Townhomes.

Solis said the outpouring of support for Chucky and his memory creating the impact it has means everything to her.

“My heart is overflowing that so many people came forward when they didn’t have to in their own hard time,” said Solis. “Everybody’s going through their own hard times and battles and the fact that they jumped up when I said something and wanted too, there’s not even words to describe what it means to me. It shows that they love and care about him just as much as we do.”

With the situation surrounding COVID-19, Chucky’s Quest was limited with what they could do. Solis said they hope to do even more next year with more time to coordinate their efforts.

For more information on Chucky’s Quest, visit their Facebook page at

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