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Aiden Kendrick, middle, holds up the Meritorius Action Award he received for saving the life of his grandmother during a school assembly at Fulton Learning Center. Kendrick is flanked by Cub Scout Pack 49 Cubmaster Ryan Thornberry, left, and Scout Executive and CEO Martin Sepulveda, right.

Aiden Kendrick, a fourth grade student at Fulton Learning Center and Webelo in Cub Scout Pack 49, was recently awarded the Meritorious Action Award for saving the life of his grandmother using the skills learned as a Cub Scout.

Kendrick used “back blows” and his imagination to dislodge an object choking his grandmother, Linda Harrison.

“We were alone in my home. It happened so suddenly there was no time to call 911 or go for help”, said Harrison. Unable to speak, Harrison was grasping her throat and gesturing. Kendrick recognized the emergency and rushed to help her. Too small to perform the classic Heimlech Maneuver, Aiden pushed Harrison against a nearby table.

“He managed to pound on my back a few times, then he pushed me against a table to force the air out,” Harrison explained.

After learning of the rescue, the National Council of Honor for the Boy Scouts of America awarded Kendrick the prestigious Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Award.

Scout Executive and CEO Martin Sepulveda presented Aiden The Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Award at a ceremony held by the South Texas Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

“It is a very special honor that is extremely rare,” said Sepulveda.

A number of long time scouting officials, some with more than 50 years of service, were also honored at the event and congratulated Kendrick. Many of the long time honorees said it was the first time during their many years of service to witness the presentation of this medal.

Kendrick received training for choking emergencies during a Cub Scout meeting.

“Cub Scouts, because of their smaller stature, are taught to push a victim against a chair, table, or whatever structure is available. This will help to force air from the lungs, in order to expel the object,” said Cub Scout Pack 49 Cubmaster Ryan Thornberry.

Harrison, who is a Registered Nurse at Christus Spohn Shoreline Emergency Department, said, “The method he used is similar to that performed in emergency rooms.”

Kendrick was very appreciative and gracious after receiving the award. He thanked everyone, especially his grandmother.

“I couldn’t have gotten this award without you,” Kendrick told his grandmother. “Thank you for choking.”

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