Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick, at the Fulton Town Council’s regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 6, provided an update about the status of planned construction of a new Paws and Taws Event Center, as well as the Fulton Pier.

Paws and Taws

Much like the Fulton Pier, plans for the structure, which was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, are nearly complete.

The Fulton Town Council, at the same meeting, named Weaver and Jacobs Constructors, Inc. of Cuero as the Paws and Taws Construction Manger at Risk.

“Now we’ll know how much it will (actually) cost,” said Kendrick.

A total of about $2.7 million is on hand to rebuild the Paws and Taws.

The mayor said once the Construction Manager at Risk determines the exact cost, Fulton will know if it has to find additional funds.

The council, in a special meeting Jan. 4, approved the demolition of the iconic Paws and Taws Fulton Convention Center.

(Note: The following press release was issued by FEMA Oct. 20.)

The Paws and Taws Convention Center hosted more than five decades of events in Fulton before Hurricane Harvey tore through it in August. The beloved structure could not be repaired, but its demolition didn’t end the Paws and Taws story, or the memories created in the building.

Rebuilding the 7,608-square-foot structure and its 1,488-square-foot deck was estimated to cost $2.8 million after winds lifted and damaged the walls, roof, floor and sub-flooring.

Fulton received about $603,000 from its insurance settlement for the building.

Then in late April, the town learned FEMA’s Public Assistance grant program would come through to support bringing Paws and Taws back to life. The grant program provides federal assistance to state, tribal, territorial and local governments, as well as certain types of nonprofits, so communities can recover quickly from major disasters.

Public Assistance was able to provide just under $2 million in funding to supplement the town’s insurance proceeds so the structure can be rebuilt.

The project’s architect and contractor are working closely with FEMA to ensure all guidelines are met.

The original Paws and Taws, whose name refers to the male and female counterparts in a square dance, opened in 1965 and attracted 340 dancers. Thanks to the efforts of the local and federal governments, it will soon again bustle with the sound of promenades, weddings, business meetings, award banquets and new memories being made.

For further information about Hurricane Harvey and Texas recovery, visit the Hurricane Harvey disaster web page at www.fema.gov/disaster/4332.

Fulton Pier

Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick, at the Fulton Town Council’s regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 6, provided an update about the status of planned construction of a new Fulton Pier.

Kendrick said many people are asking about the Fulton Pier.

“They ask, ‘When is it going to happen,’ and I tell them, ‘It’s going to happen soon.’”

Kendrick said everything has to go through FEMA because it is providing $1.7 million toward the pier’s construction.

The mayor said the amount it will cost to build the pier will be determined once bids are received.

Fulton has to come up with its 10 percent match, but that is not a problem.

“Yeti originally gave us $150,000 and we recently learned they are providing additional funds for a total of $184,000,” said Kendrick. “That will cover our match.”

He closed his comments about the Fulton Pier saying, “We’re there, once we get the plans approved.”

The old pier had green LED lights. The new pier will have green LED lights shining down into the water, but the pier itself will have white lights. There will also be a strobe light at the end of the pier as a navigational aide.

The mayor also said the pier will basically be constructed in the footprint of the old pier, negating the need for new permitting.

The Fulton Town Council, at a special meeting Tuesday, July 31, approved a resolution regarding funding and construction of the pier, which was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

The resolution states Fulton is entering a contract with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation for its construction. The foundation will also provide some funding for its construction.

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