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The drainage boxes and equipment for the Concho Street Drainage Project have been staged on Concho Street, west of Magnolia Street.

There is a snag in the Concho Street Drainage Project, which will drain the area around the Downtown Anchor Project (new courthouse and city hall), and, according to City of Rockport officials, put an end to many of the drainage issues experienced along Business SH 35 around First Presbyterian Church, Discount Auto Parts, and further south along the highway.

Legal teams representing the Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) and the City of Rockport are working out the details of an agreement that will make it possible for large box culverts to transport stormwater to Rockport Harbor.

(Note: There is currently a smaller pipe that drains into the harbor. City engineers said the same amount of water will drain into Rockport Harbor with the larger box culverts, but at a much lower velocity than it currently does through the smaller pipe.)

ACND Chairman Malcolm Dieckow, on Monday, Nov. 29, said the agreement is “in the lawyers’ hands,” and added, “Both lawyers are ready for an agreement. The ACND and City are working toward a settlement. There has to be an agreement for both of us.”

ACND commissioners next meet Monday, Dec. 6.

“I’m hoping for some positive updates,” said Dieckow.

Rockport Mayor Pat Rios, also on Monday, said, “We want to come up with a fair and equitable agreement for all parties, as well as the taxpayers.”

Stakes are in the ground across Veterans Memorial Park, outlining the path where the new drainage boxes will be located.

The boxes and all equipment have been staged on Concho, west of Magnolia Street.

The stub out for the new drainage boxes was installed about 10 years ago when bulkhead work by the ACND was underway at the harbor.

The City will start installation of the box pipe on the west side of Austin Street, and connect to the Harbor once an agreement with the ACND is finalized.

About the project

The project is also part of the City’s Master Drainage Plan.

The scope of work includes approximately 3,000 linear feet of concrete box culvert installation from the low area west of SH 35 Business, east down Concho, to the existing outfall box at Rockport Harbor.

Funding is provided via the City’s tax note issue, which included $2.3 million for the Concho Street Drainage Project.

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