Aransas County Commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Nov. 8, heard a presentation by Road & Bridge Engineer David Reid regarding drainage issues and potential projects in the county.

Reid said the 15 projects he outlined were ranked based on flood impact, water quality, habitat, complexity, and opportunity.

Using those things to grade each project, the top seven are:

• Bahia Bay

• Upper Tule

• Southeast Lamar

• Racine

• Club Lake

• Holiday Beach East

• South/central Lamar

Those projects ranked eighth to 15th are:

• 12th Street – Lamar

• Sparks Colony

• Lee Road

• Mohawk

• Nell Road

• Bee Road

• Mack Road

• Holiday Beach West

“We’ll probably look at the top seven and try to get working on the easiest ones first,” said Reid.

“I’m not saying these are the only projects, but these 15 are the top (ones).”

General descriptions of the top seven projects are as follows:

Bahia Bay

The county has been looking at this project for quite a while, according to Reid, and engineering for the project is completed. It will include major culverts under Business SH 35, which will ease flooding in the Banty Lane area, as well as those areas east of the SH 35 Bypass. The project will be similar to the one completed several years ago at Palm Harbor. The drainage issues in this area are due to inadequate outfalls to the bay.

Upper Tule

Work in this area will help drainage in the Upper Tule basin (i.e. - Rockport Country Club and “The Donut,” that area east of FM 2165 that is not in the City of Rockport).

The proposal is to design a stormwater system for future demand because existing drainage problems could be exacerbated by future development in this area. The complexity of the project is high, with a corresponding high level of opportunity.

Reid said this project will give water a place to go to.

Southeast Lamar

This project will help ease ponding and road flooding in the area around the golf course. The problem is the narrow rights of way on county roads, meaning inadequate easements for stormwater. The county is in discussion with the new owners of the golf course, hoping to acquire the needed easements.


Reid said this area is really a big pond, and the project would use the wetland to catch stormwater by acquiring easements and constructing outfalls on the south end. The project is rated complex, with a moderate level of opportunity.

Club Lake

This project is rated as complex, involving the construction of a drainage channel from Club Lake to FM 1069. Most easements have been acquired, but condemnation will likely be required for an easement across one piece of property.

Holiday Beach East

Reid noted that this area doesn’t drain.

“It wants to drain across SH 35 to Holiday Beach West,” he said.

The problem is ponding and flooding of roads due to inadequate outfalls and conveyance to bays.

The proposed project would include an outfall east to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge and constructing an outfall west to SH 35. Additionally, a culvert would be installed under the highway and the drainage channel to Copano Bay would be improved. It is rated as a project low in complexity.

South/central Lamar

This project would move water that doesn’t want to move. Easements for a surface stormwater conveyance system from Bee Tree Circle to SH 35 are needed.

General descriptions of the remaining eight projects are as follows:

12th Street – Lamar

Additional conveyance of stormwater from 12th Street is needed, and the subsurface stormwater structure beneath Bee Tree Circle is undersized. Propose to construct drainage channel from 12th Sreet to Bee Tree Circle.

Sparks Colony

Propose to construct channel form Rattlesnake Point Road to Bailey Ranch (partially complete). Easements are still needed from two property owners.

Lee Road

Easements are needed to convey stormwater from the intersection of Lee and Shaver roads to the bay. The proposed project is to construct a drainage channel from Lee Road to Bus. SH 35.


The proposed project includes construction of a drainage channel to connect existing ponds. The property owner is supportive of this project, but it has a high level of complexity.

Nell Road

This is a low area creating ponding and road flooding. The proposed project includes constructing a drainage channel from Nell Road to an outfall. The route is undefined.

Bee Road

This proposed project would involve constructing a drainage channel from the SH 35 Bypass to Port Bay. Easements are needed from three property owners, and two are contentious.

Mack Road

This proposed project would involve constructing a drainage channel from the intersection of Mack and Walker roads to Bus. SH 35. The route is undefined.

Holiday Beach West

This proposed project is rated highly complex with limited opportunity. The area has a history of drainage complaints about standing water in roadside ditches. The ditches are three feet above mean sea level, and there is inadequate outfall to the bay and/or a canal. A project here will include revising road cross-sections, adjusting vertical alignment, and increasing surface outfalls.

County Surveyor Jerry Brundrett noted that in the 1920s voters turned down a $40,000 bond issue (that would have addressed drainage of the entire peninsula at a time prior to its development).

“(That just shows your that) if you don’t take care of things, they only get worse,” he said.

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