Helped save Preston's life

Little Preston Simpson and his mother, Mercedes, and father, Tyson, inspected the helicopter that transported Preston to Driscoll Children’s Hospital after his accident. After their tour, the Simpsons posed with HALO-Flight personnel Keely Klemcke, RN, and Evan Klemcke.

Two-year-old Preston Simpson of Rockport, the little boy who was critically injured in an ATV accident Dec. 8, 2020, received a tour, along with his parents, Tyson and Mercedes, of the HALO-Flight facility Wednesday, Sept. 29.

The accident resulted in a severe brain injury. Nine months later, Preston continues to make strides in his recovery.

The family met with the flight crew that responded to the scene after the accident, receiving a behind the scenes look at HALO-Flight’s fleet.

“It was a big deal (visiting HALO-Flight),” said Tyson. “The last time Preston was in that helicopter, we thought we had lost him. We’ve had to teach him how to walk and swallow again since the accident.”

Preston was eager to visit HALO-Flight and see the helicopter that transported him to Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

Preston’s parents now strive to educate the community on injury protection, and emphasize the importance of helmets.

“Preston is our miracle. I hear stories almost daily about similar accidents, with a devastating end result,” said Mercedes. “God has been with us constantly and am so thankful He saved my baby. Please learn from us and always protect your head and wear a helmet, your life is too valuable.”

If one would like to follow Preston’s story, and recovery, visit the Facebook page associated with his -

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