Donated art for crab

Rockport artist Eric Von Seibert, second from right, stands next to his unique aluminum blue crab art donated to help raise funds for the new Blue Crab. Accepting his donation are, from left, Rockport Center for the Arts’ (RCA) Executive Director Luis Puron, RCA Curator Elena Rodriguez, and Keep Aransas County Beautiful President D’Ann Williams.

Funds needed to make the final payment to Red Star Studio’s Joe Barrington, the sculptor selected to build the new Blue Crab, have almost been raised.

According to Keep Aransas County Beautiful (KACB), the organization spearheading the fundraising effort, the amount needed to make the final payment is $9,777.12.

KACB President D’Ann Williams noted Barrington’s Blue Crab costs $135,000.

To help close that gap, Von Seibert Art’s Eric Von Seibert has donated a piece of his unique aluminum art, which features a blue crab.

A piece of his artwork was auctioned for more than $2,000 at this year’s Rockport Art Festival art auction.

Von Seibert’s blue crab art piece can be seen at the Estelle Stair Gallery building in downtown Rockport. The minimum $2,000 price, or an mount greater than the minimum offered by a buyer, will be turned over to the Blue Crab Committee to reduce what’s owed for Barrington’s final payment.

The purchase is a donation to KACB, which makes it tax deductible.

“I just want to see the Blue Crab back in its rightful place,” said Von Seibert, who moved from Maui to Rockport, with his wife, Shereen, in anticipation of what the COVID-19 pandemic would do (economically) to the Hawaiian Islands.

“We’ve had a home here for many years, but now Rockport is our permanent home,” he said.

One can view and/or purchase the aluminum blue crab art piece at the Rockport Center For the Arts’ Estelle Stair showroom in downtown Rockport during regular business hours.

Additional Blue Crab fundraising

In addition to the $9,777.12 needed to make the final payment to the Blue Crab artist, KACB is raising $20,000, which they are short, for the installation of a brick pathway, benches, etc. around the Blue Crab.

To help raise all remaining funds, KACB is planning a silent auction (date to be determined), and selling Memorial Bricks.

Items included in the auction, as of this date, are a mock up crab claw by Barrington, the original oil painting for the Blue Crab Campaign by local artist Patti Schermerhorn, a handmade wood crab, and a weekend stay at a Copano Ridge vacation rental.

One can purchase a Memorial Brick in two sizes. They will be placed as a pathway to and around the Blue Crab.

A 4” x 8” memorial brick costs $65.

An 8” x 8” memorial brick costs $125.

To date 239 families, organizations, and businesses have bought a brick, or bricks, totaling a gross amount of $23,966.

To make a donation or purchase a brick visit

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