Get fit!

Guests couldn’t wait to try out the new Fitness Court® once the demonstations of each station were completed.

The City of Rockport opened its new Fitness Court® at Memorial Park Saturday, Nov. 16, joining the National Fitness Campaign (NFC) to make world-class fitness free for all.

“We’re deeply appreciative of the generosity provided by the NFC and the Rebuild Texas Foundation to make this outstanding facility possible for those who visit the park,” said Rockport Parks and Leisure Services Director Rick Martinez.

City Manager Kevin Carruth opened the dedication saying, “Memorial Park looked nothing like this two years ago.”

Pointing out all the new amenities in the park, including the baseball fields, slab for the skate park (which will soon be moved from its current location at the Aquatic and Skate Park, to Memorial Park), and the upcoming dedication of the nine-hole disc golf course, Carruth noted, “There was a lot of bad after the storm, but a lot of good has come from it.

“Come out and enjoy this equipment. Tell your family and friends about it.”

Martinez said, “The Fitness Court® offers so many levels of exercise.

“This is a good thing for everybody. We offer a lot of great things in this park.

“We’re glad everyone is here today.”

The city’s lifeguards, who watched a Fitness Court® training video, then demonstrated for the crowd the proper way to do each exercise.

About the local Fitness Court®

Rockport is one of the first 200 communities nationally, and the only one in the Coastal Bend, to install this state-of-the-art gym facility, featuring bodyweight workouts that can be completed in seven minutes a day. The new outdoor Fitness Court® is completely free to use, and suitable for users ages 14 and up at any fitness level.

The Fitness Court® is part of a nationwide effort launched by NFC. With the Fitness Court® mobile app for iOS and Android, users can take classes, learn workout routines, and get fit in Memorial Park while also taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

Additional information, including links to the apps, is available on the City’s web site at

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