The City of Rockport has been awarded two grants totaling $440,073 from the Rebuild Texas Fund (RTF) to enhance and expand the facilities at Memorial Park.

The first grant will help with the installation of stadium seating at the junior baseball field. When completed, all three major baseball fields will have adequate, comfortable seating for parents and fans attending Little League and other community baseball games.

The second grant will enable the City to replace the exercise stations, which were severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey, with a fitness court that has several exercise stations.

In addition to the new fitness court, the RTF grant will pay for the pad to move the skate park, which is currently located next to the Community Pool. The skate park will be located in a large area in the northeast corner of the park.

The old skate park location will be redeveloped into three Pickleball courts.

(Editor’s note: The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, June 11, approved a resolution to collaborate with the National Fitness Campaign to construct an outdoor fitness court at the park. The city’s Parks and Leisure Services Department was awarded a $30,000 NFC Fitness Grant from the National Fitness Campaign.)

“We are grateful for the Rebuild Texas Fund’s dedication and passion for rebuilding and revitalizing communities, including Rockport, which was severely impacted by Harvey,” said City Manager Kevin Carruth. “Through this generous grant, we will be able to expand and enhance the recreational services offered at Memorial Park with almost no tax dollars.

“If it weren’t for the Rebuild Texas Fund, the recovery of our community might have taken as long as 10 years,” he noted. “Their involvement, from the initial relief stages to the current, ongoing, recovery efforts, have touched our residents’ lives in so many ways.

“Not only because of the donations to Memorial Park by Rebuild Texas, but also the support of other community-based organizations, caring individuals, and our community’s grit, we’ve been able to propel our recovery efforts while we await federal and state funding.”

The Rebuild Texas Fund was launched just days after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas communities. A collaborative project of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and the OneStar Foundation, the initiative is dedicated to the economic recovery of hard-hit Texas communities. Funded organizations such as Rockport play a critical role as rebuilding continues in the community.

“We are excited to give the City of Rockport this grant to continue our collective mission of helping communities rebuild after Hurricane Harvey,” said Rebuild Texas Fund Program Director Neeraj Aggarwal. “The repairs to these fields will help Rockport’s residents come together once again as a community to celebrate the things that matter most: time together with family and neighbors. We know it takes all parts of a community to rebuild after a storm like Harvey, and we can’t wait to see Rockport come back stronger than ever.”

The Rebuild Texas Fund supports organizations across all five regions impacted by Hurricane Harvey and provide services in six focus areas - community and economic development, health, housing, education and childcare, transportation and workforce, and capital for rebuilding small businesses.

For more information, to apply for a Rebuild Texas Fund grant, or to learn more about how you can help our neighbors in need, please visit

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