Aransas County Navigation District commissioners, at their regular meeting Tuesday, Aug. 3, approved the district’s 2020 budget and 2019 tax rate.

“Once again we stayed at the effective tax rate. It’s not an easy thing to do, but we did it,” said Chairman Malcolm Dieckow.

He noted the ACND is the only government entity in the county that adopted the effective tax rate, or that rate, which raises the same amount of revenue as the previous year, based on new property values, less new construction.

“We also got to put in a little for our people,” said Commissioner Tommy Moore.

The adopted tax rate is $.052008. Last year’s tax rate was $.059822.

Roughly half of the budgeted $3.467 million in revenues is generated from ad valorem taxes. The other half of income comes from dockage and lease income.

Only $20,000 of projected revenues is derived from interest and miscellaneous income.

Approximately one-third ($1.161 million) of projected revenues will be spent on personnel.

The remainder of expenses are budgeted for contract services ($535,810), maintenance and operations ($247,700), utilities ($334,600), professional services ($251,000), insurance ($79,450), capital equipment ($105,000), and asset maintenance ($200,000).

The budget projects a net income of $794.

Commissioners praised Harbor Master Keith Barrett and the ACND staff for a job well done under less than perfect conditions in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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