Great milestone

County officials, Another Chance RFT members, and friends celebrated the adoption of the 1,000th dog through the organization Wednesday, Aug. 7. The pit bull mix dog named May began her trip to Montana that morning.

Another Chance RFT, a nonprofit volunteer organization formed to save the lives of dogs brought to the Aransas County Animal Shelter, celebrated another milestone Wednesday, Aug. 7.

May, a pit bull mix, was the 1,000th dog to be adopted by a new owner, and transported out of the “dog pound.” May is being delivered to a new home in Montana.

Another Chance RFT President Tana Neel, with a smile stretched across her face, said, “We’ve provided for a number of surgeries on injured dogs (to get them ready for adoption).”

Only those dogs, which are either too sick or too injured when brought to animal control, or are considered aggressive bite dogs, are not considered for adoption through Another Chance RFT.

The organization has been in existence since June 2016, and received it official nonprofit status in May the following year.

“It’s great for Aransas County to have people who love animals and want to care for them and adopt them out all across the United States,” said Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills.

Another Chance RFT board member Richard Dias, who along with his wife, Joy, are avid supporters of Another Chance RFT, said, “One thousand adoptions … that’s just a start!”

Lead Animal Control Officer Ronnell Burke said the animal shelter euthanizes less than two animals per month since Another Chance RFT was organized.

The average rate for euthanizing was between 15 and 20 animals prior to its organization.

“Now a dog is put down because of its injuries, or it is an aggressive bite dog,” said Burke.

So what happens when a stray dog is picked up?

Burke said animal control operates under three different ordinances or laws, including one from the county, the City of Rockport, and the Town of Fulton.

“Our stray hold is three business days, and the first day doesn’t count,” she said.

Pictures of the dogs are posted on social media, and Another Chance RFT is contacted.

“We really don’t have to contact them (because one of their volunteers) is always around the shelter,” said Burke.

The county’s animal shelter has 40 indoor runs, which can hold up to 36 dogs, as well as seven outdoor kennels, which Another Chance RFT donated.

The organization is also looking for individuals to serve as fosters or volunteers.

“Donations are always needed, as well,” said Neel.

If one is interested in joining the volunteer efforts of Another Chance RFT, email

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