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Wyatt Littleton holds up his “ticket to the big show” after qualifying for the Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship.

Wyatt Littleton, of Rockport, recently qualified for the American Motorcyclist’s Association (AMA) Amateur National Motocross Championship after a good run at a super regional qualifier in Houston “punched his ticket” to the big show.

Littleton, 7, has been riding a motocross bike since the age of 5. He fell in love with it and began to race competitively after turning 6.

In order for him to qualify for the championship, he had to finish 6th overall or better at one of six super regional qualifiers. He attended two, one in Illinois and another in Houston.

After a disappointing run at the super regional in Illinois, Littleton knew he had one more shot to qualify for the championship in Houston the following weekend.

Littleton finished 12th overall in Illinois after a bad wreck in his second run kicked him out of contention for placing in the top six. Though his bike landed on top of him during the wreck, Littleton came away unscathed and was able to finish the race without assistance.

With his bike a bit dinged up, Littleton, along with dad Heath Littleton, fixed up his bike and went to Houston for the next super regional.

After finishing 5th and 7th in his first two races, W. Littleton was sitting in a good spot to qualify. However, in his third and final run, a series of wrecks nearly doomed his chances of qualifying.

Being pushed as far back as 24th out of 33 racers, W. Littleton fought all the way back to a 12th place finish.

“It was a long battle,” said H. Littleton. “He had some horrible wrecks in his third moto, but I mean for the kid to get up and battle back the way he did, he showed a lot of grit. A lot of kids would of gave up and said they were hurt but he picked his bike up and battled back through the pack.”

After the race, W. Littleton retreated back to his trailer upset and sobbing because he believed the 12th place finish had surely knocked him out of the top six overall spots.

While mom and dad comforted him, the top six overall racers were still being finalized.

After about an hour, H. Littleton and W. Littleton’s coach, James Meyers, walked back to the track to see the overall scoreboard and saw W. Littleton had in fact qualified for the last overall spot in sixth place.

H. Littleton and Meyers then ran back to the trailer and grabbed W. Littleton to show him the final scoreboard.

W. Littleton was in disbelief as he saw his name in the sixth overall spot. He began to cry tears of joy after realizing what he had done.

For W. Littleton, it is a huge accomplishment.

“Finally it sank in for him that all the hard work got him to what he really, truly wanted. And that was to go to the big show,” said H. Littleton.

W. Littleton will race in the Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship from Aug. 3-8 in Hurricane Mills, TN at Loretta Lynn Ranch.

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