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The original Copano Bay Causeway later became the Copano Bay Causeway Fishing Pier after the second causeway was built. For a very brief period of time, the original, second, and current causeway stood tall. Rockport Pilot Editor & Publisher Mike Probst affectionately called them “Triplets” when he first published the picture in the newspaper. Only the current causeway remains today. The original causeway/pier was closed after a section plummeted into the bay during construction of the new causeway, prior to Hurricane Harvey. It was eventually demolished.

Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Aug. 2, approved the placement of two Visionary in Preservation markers north and south of the site of the old Copano Bay Causeway Fishing Pier. The pier, which was the original causeway, was demolished after a section of it fell into the bay during construction of the new causeway.

Aransas County Historical Commission (ACHC) President Betty Stiles said the ACHC has since agreed to purchase the signs. The group first needed to get permission to place the signs on ACND property.

The sign will include a picture of the original causeway, as well as the picture of the three causeways, which were in place for only a brief period of time. Rockport Pilot Editor & Publisher Mike Probst took that picture, dubbed “Triplets”.

The original causeway was built in 1930-31 to replace the ferry between the Lamar Peninsula and Live Oak Point.

It was converted into a pier when the LBJ Causeway was constructed in the mid-60s.

The new four-lane causeway was opened in 2017, prior to hurricane Harvey.

During the construction of the new causeway, a section of the original causeway/pier fell into the bay. The pier was closed to the public and the decision was made to demolish it. That happened after Harvey.

Today, only the new causeway spans the water, separating Copano and Aransas bays.

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