Damaged piers

The owners of damaged piers located in the jurisditional boundaries of the Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) should have already received a letter regarding details of their lease with the ACND.

Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) commissioners, during staff reports at their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 16, briefly discussed damaged piers in the district’s jurisdictional boundaries.

Commissioners could take no action since it was not on the agenda for action.

After Harbor Master Keith Barrett made his report, Commissioner Tommy Moore asked about what the ACND can/will do regarding piers damaged during Hurricane Harvey, that have yet to be removed and/or repaired.

He said a number of people have aired their concerns to him about the issue.

Barrett said letters have been sent to individual pier owners reminding them about the terms of their submerged land leases.

“Hopefully the property owners will take care of it, or we will have to go in and do it (remove damaged piers),” said Barrett.

He noted a lien would then be placed on the property connected to the submerged land lease.

“That would be our only legal recourse (and means of recovering our costs),” said Barrett.

He noted the ACND realizes piers took a backseat to repairs to real property (homes) after the storm, but added, “As (the remains of) piers continue to deteriorate, parts break loose and hurt navigation and litter the shoreline.”

He said a piece of a pier floating in water could cause serious damage to personal watercraft, or even lead to serious injuries.

Chairman Malcolm Dieckow said the district has taken care of piers and other assets for which it is responsible.

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