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Aransas County Republican Club Treasurer Carl Hattman, second from right, presents a seed money check to ACISD Education Foundation Treasurer Robert Mitchell to be used for the club’s new Jim Little Scholarship. On hand for the announcement of the new scholarship and check presentation are, from left, Little’s niece Naeda Setterbo, his sister Terri Setterbo, and his widow Catherine Little. Little was well known for distributing copies of the pocket Constitution.

The Republican Club of Aransas County honored the late Jim Little, a stalwart worker for the Republican Party in Aransas County, Thursday, Aug. 15 announcing the creation of the $1,000 Jim Little Scholarship. The Aransas County Independent School District Education Foundation will administer it.

“We lost Jim in early May,” said former County Chairman Jim Mixon. “He was a real patriot.

“He did more than anyone in this county to teach what the Constitution is all about.

Mixon noted he met Little in the early 2000s.

“He was a quiet man, but quite a constitutionalist,” said Mixon.

“He was the consummate volunteer.”

Mixon recalled how Little would use his truck to haul the pocket Constitutions near and far.

“He hauled everything to the Seafair grounds (for our booth), and delivered them to Aransas County schools where they were distributed in social studies classes,” said Mixon.

Little bought the pocket Constitutions on his own at first, and then the club began paying for them after they saw how popular they were.

“He even took a load of them down to the Rio Grande Valley one day,” said Mixon.

The story was told about the time Little talked to a couple about the Constitution for quite a while. When the conversation ended, the parents walked away, but soon returned, asking Little for more copies so that each of their children could have one.

Don Clarke recalled when he first joined the Republican Club of Aransas County they had to twist arms to get people to serve as officers.

“I was secretary and they needed a president,” said Clarke. “I told them I’d do it, but only if Jim (Little) was my vice president.

“He accepted, and truth be told, he did all the work.”

Reflecting about Little’s love for the Constitution, Clarke said, “It was amazing the response he got when he walked around handing out the pocket Constitutions.”

Betty Stiles recalled how hard Little worked for the GOP, espousing family values, etc.

“He (Little) did anything we asked him to do,” said Stiles.

How to donate

One can donate to the Jim Little Scholarship by writing a check and mailing it to: ACISD Education Foundation, Jim Little Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 195, Rockport, TX 78381.

In the memo space, write “Jim Little Scholarship Fund.”

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