Bids out for pier

Bids have gone out for the demolition and rebuilding of the Fulton Pier, according to Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick. The popular pier will be a welcome sight for locals and tourists alike, once it returns.

Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick officially steps down Monday, May 18 from the post he has held since first appointed to the position in July 2011, but there’s one post-Harvey project he won’t see completed, or even started, before he leaves office.

Ground was broken on the Fulton Pier Aug. 24 of last year. It was part of a special ceremony that featured Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, Rep. Geanie Morrison, and Rep. Todd Hunter seated together under the roof of the Fulton Convention Center – Paws & Taws, which was under construction, for the signing of two Harvey-related bills.

Since that time the project was been held up due primarily to paperwork issues.

The Fulton Town Council, at its regular meeting Oct. 21, 2019 unanimously approved an amended contract between the Town of Fulton and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF) for the Fulton Fishing Pier Project.

At that meeting Kendrick said, “This meets everyone’s requirements, so everyone is comfortable with it, and now we can move forward.”

This past week Kendrick said bids for the pier’s demolition and rebuild have gone out.

“We just had to go through so much paperwork,” he said. “It seems like every time we took three steps forward, we had to take two steps back.

“It took me almost three years to be optimistic.”

The TPWF is managing the $1.9 million project, and the town secured the majority of funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). YETI has pledged $184,000 toward the 10 percent match required for FEMA funding, and TPWF has raised additional dollars from the Sid W. Richardson Foundation for engineering and design of the new pier. 

The rebuilding of the pier will mark the final recovery stage for the Town of Fulton, according to Kendrick.

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