A monumental, multi-institutional initiative was launched in mid-December to introduce the work of artists across Texas to a wider audience, and to foster statewide collaboration between local non-profit arts organizations.

The Rockport Center for the Arts is a participant.

“Texas Talks Art” series takes the form of weekly 30-minute lunchtime talks, featuring 50 Texas artists and artist collectives in conversation with 50 Texas curators beginning this month, and continuing throughout the year.

Each free, virtual talk is set for 12 p.m. (CST) Tuesday, and will be recorded and archived.

“This series emerged out of informal conversations among Texas museum curators about how we might collaborate and support one another and artists during and beyond the pandemic,” said Texas Talks Art organizers.

“We are thrilled that institutions big and small jumped at the chance to showcase the extraordinary talent of Texas artists in this unprecedented statewide collaboration.

“The 30- minute lunchtime format was conceived in true Texas fashion to offer casual and intimate introductions to some of the most creative producers in our state.”

Built on the belief in collective work, the series features an intergenerational roster of artists working across mediums, and at differing points in their careers, including Natasha Bowdoin (Houston), Ja’Tovia Gary (Dallas), Las Imaginistas (Brownsville), Zeke Peña (El Paso), and Deborah Roberts (Austin).

Texas Talks Art illustrates the breadth of the Texas cultural landscape, while its uniquely COVID-era format - a virtual, weekly conversation - offers a wider audience the special experience of a studio visit.

Texas Talks Art serves as a vital platform that shapes dialogue between arts professionals on a broad range of concerns and questions that animate Texas-based artists.

For a list of upcoming programs and more information, visit texastalksart.org.

Join the conversation using #txtalksart on social.

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