Florists’ Transworld Delivery Inc. (FTD) recently announced the selection of Lulu’s Flowers as the winner of the eighth annual Makeover Magic contest.

The shop will receive a complimentary visual merchandising makeover spearheaded by FTD Education Consultant, design expert, and certified American Institute of Floral Designers J. Keith White.

After reviewing nearly 100 entries, Lulu’s Flowers stood out to the selection panel for the passion and resiliency owner Susan Hearne has displayed during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which destroyed her shop. The shop was completely closed for several months and is now in a new location.

“As the winner of the makeover, it will help me to best utilize a smaller location, as well as, draw customers back to the shop to start growing my business again,” Hearne wrote in her application. “I want to get out of the makeover how to display merchandise to drive sales and improve the curb appeal of the shop because we get lost in the strip mall where we’re located.”

Hearne and her team are working closely with White to develop a plan for revitalizing and refining the shop’s merchandising to help meet their goal of driving more traffic into the flower shop.

“I am really excited to work on this project,” said White. “Susan and her team have been extremely open to my suggestions and actively engaged in this process, which is important for success! The shop is going to take on an entirely new look and be a reflection of the coastal town which it is located.”

The goal of the makeover contest is to offer one FTD Florist annually with the expertise and financial support to improve the visual merchandising of the flower shop to improve sales, increase foot traffic and build their brand. White also spends time teaching the shop owner and staff how to easily maintain the merchandising seasonally and offers marketing tips and ideas to promote the business. FTD is focused on providing its Member Florists with valuable education opportunities that will help the small business to be successful.

The makeover will take place in late August and will be documented on FTD’s Facebook page,

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