Aransas County Navigation District (ACND) commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, July 19, received reports from Harbor Master Keith Barrett, ACND Chairman Malcolm Dieckow, and Charlie Belaire, covering a variety of subjects.

Barrett noted the decision to not close Laurel Street for Seafair didn’t make Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce officials happy (see related story), but said there are “almost fisticuffs” between boaters and visitors due to traffic jams during Seafair.

He said the district is “having hell” with Republic Services regarding garbage pickup.

“We have a contract, but can’t fire them,” said Barrett.

He noted it has to be difficult driving a garbage truck and dodging kids, but Republic is not meeting its pickup schedules.

“Sounds like they’re breaching their contract,” said Commissioner Tommy Moore.

Barrett noted the ACND has some supplemental services it pays for, such as a large roll off dumpster.

He also reported about the water barriers, placed across Blevin’s Channel, on either side of the Key Allegro Bridge.

Barrett also said vandals damaged the shower facilities at the beach pavilions.

Diekow reported that Clean Coast Texas (CCT) representatives will be at the Friends of Little Bay meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 18 to explain the process CCT is using in the Little Bay Restoration Initiative.

Charlie Belaire also noted officials from the ACND, Aransas County, and City of Rockport met to discuss best practices to aid Little Bay’s water quality.

He noted the district has done a good job through the years with design elements adding natural barriers between new construction and Little Bay.

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