Aransas County commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Nov. 9, approved allowing ACTS Aviation, a faith-based, family-run flight school based at Aransas County Airport, to advertise and host a “fly-in” Saturday, Dec. 5-6 at the airport.

“This isn’t an airshow. It won’t affect normal operations, other than it might be a little busier,” said Airport Manager Mike Geer.

Participants will be allowed to camp “under wing’. ACTS will provide entertainment, food trucks, and temporary bathroom facilities.

“There won’t be any fires or barbecue pits, and ACTS will provide insurance and participants will have to follow the county’s COVID-19 protocols,” said Geer.

When asked by commissioners if he sees any downside, Geer said, “I’m in favor of it. Tourism is it in our county and the airport is like a highway.”

He noted some members of the airport advisory board were a little weary of the idea, because the fly-in will bring people here from outside the area (COVID-19 concerns).

ACTS’s Cody Stewart said, “It’s been a long time since we’ve had a fly-in (in Aransas County). It’s a great opportunity for potential students who are interested in flying.”

Addressing some of the COVID-19 concerns, Stewart said, “We’re not expecting a large event. This is the first one in quite a while.”

Commissioner Jack Chaney said he would like to see a policy written to address such events. That way, in the future, similar events don’t have to be brought to the court for approval.

Pct. 3 Commissioner-elect Pat Rousseau said, “I encourage approval of (the fly-in),” said Rousseau. “This is an innovative way to attract new families (to Aransas County).”

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