Aransas County commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Jan. 10 held preliminary discussions regarding two requests to abandon county rights-of-way.

The first request is to abandon a 60-foot wide road right-of-way on Refugio Taft Road, beginning at the intersection of Refugio Taft Road and Pocket Farm Road, and ending approximately 2,600 feet southwest.

The second request is to abandon road and alleyway right-of-ways within 1016 W. Sixth St. (Lamar Townsite, Blocks 14 & 15) and a portion of the right-of-way between Blocks 15 & 16.

The Refugio Taft Road request involves a property owner who has already placed a fence in the right-of-way, and another property owner (David Lee) disputing that property owner’s claim that abandoning the right-of-way will cut access to her property.

“There is a second access to that property off of Pocket Farm Road,” said Lee. “I bought my property and would like to have the peace of mind that strangers don’t enter. I didn’t know this was a shared right-of-way when I bought (my property).”

Commissioner Bubba Casterline noted the land owned by each of the property owners fronts Pocket Farm Road, and therefore can be accessed.

Noting there may be some issues with different surveys for the properties, Lee said, “I just want to put a fence in to mark the property I bought.”

There was no further discussion on the first request.

Regarding the second request, County Development Services Coordinator Katherine A. Comeaux said the abandonment of the rights-of-way will not block access to surrounding properties.

“The owner wishes to build a single family home and replat the property (to include the abandoned right-of-way),” said Comeaux.

Casterline asked if the replat and abandonment can be done at the same time.

Comeaux answered affirmatively.

Both requests will be addressed again at a future meeting.

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