Aransas County officials received word about 12 additional positive test results for COVID-19 since Thursday, Aug. 27. That brings the historical case count to 210 with 192 recovered, per official reporting from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). There are 18 official confirmed deaths reported.

The DSHS is supporting Aransas County in identifying any close contacts of the patients so they can be isolated and monitored for symptoms. If the DSHS has not contacted you, there is no need to take any action at this time.

The public can find up-to-date coronavirus information and what to do if you’re sick at

Additionally, testing information is available on the same website.

New since Aug. 27, 2020

199th – (8-28-20) F, 70s

200th – (8-28-20) F, 20s

201st – (8-28-20) M, 70s

202nd – (8-28-20) M, 70s

203rd – (8-28-20) F, 60s

204th – (8-28-20) F, 40s

205th – (8-28-20) F, 80s

206th – (8-28-20) F, 80s

207th – (8-28-20) M, under 10

208th – (8-28-20) M, 40s

209th – (8-29/30-20) M, teen

210th – (8-29/30-20) F, 60s

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