Seen from miles around

Smoke and flames from a fire that destroyed a Sorenson Street home Tuesday, Oct. 12 could be seen from anywhere in the county. This picture was taken from Key Allegro.

The Tellez home in the 1600 block of Sorenson Drive was gutted by fire Tuesday, Oct. 12. Fanned by high winds, the two-story wooden home was quickly engulfed in flames.

Rockport Fire Marshal Larry Sinclair, who just so happened to drive upon the fire in its early stages, called dispatchers at about the same time the first 911 call was received – minutes past 10 a.m.

“The visible flames were coming from upstairs in the southeast portion of the house,” said Sinclair.

He said there is no evidence to support arson.

“The home is covered by insurance, so the insurance investigators will (look further into the cause),” said Sinclair.

There was reportedly nobody in the house when the fire started.

Rockport Fire Chief Matthew Grimes, who also serves as Aransas County fire marshal, also confirmed the fire started somewhere upstairs.

“Once it vented (fire breaking through the roof, windows, etc.) it became a wind-driven fire,” said Grimes.

“It was a big house.”

On a positive side note, Grimes said a golden retriever was saved from an upstairs balcony moments before it was engulfed in flames.

Firefighters from the Rockport, Fulton, Lamar, Aransas Pass, and Ingleside fire departments responded to the scene.

Grimes said firefighters left the scene at about 2 p.m., but had to return twice – once for a smoldering palm tree, and once for the appearance of smoke upstairs.

Fulton Volunteer Fire Department Chief Ricky McLester said, “The whole back side of the house was pretty well engulfed in flames (when the first fire units arrived at the scene).

“We determined nobody was inside, saw the dog and it was saved, and then fought the fire defensively, trying to save surrounding structures.”

Several palm trees near the area caught fire, and some of the siding on the home next to the Tellez home melted.

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