The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, Aug. 27, heard a report about the work performed by AEP Texas since Hurricane Harvey.

AEP’s Patrick King and Manager of Substations David Solis addressed the council at the meeting.

“Everyone knows about AEP’s herculean efforts after the storm, but most people don’t know that they’ve done since, and the millions of dollars they have spent (on infrastructure),” said City Manager Kevin Carruth.

Solis said 68 substations were without power after Harvey, and one of them, the Tatton substation, which is on the west side of Highway 35 N., just south of Tule Creek, was destroyed.

“The bolts were literally sheared (at the Tatton substation),” said Solis.

He noted the control buildings at the Fulton, Rockport, and Mustang Island substations received significant damage, and the building at the Live Oak substation was destroyed.

The storm also caused two 12kV breakers to fail (Taft and Weil Tract), and 18 battery bank failures.

Harvey affected close to 800 transmission structures, with four 345kV lines, 37 138kV lines, and 23 69kV lines taken out of service.

AEP completely rebuilt eight miles of 69kV transmission lines between the Rockport, Live Oak and Fulton substations. That work included the replacement and upgrading of 150 poles.

“They are all built to withstand 140 mph winds,” said Solis.

Work at the Rockport substation costs $2.079 million.

Work at the Live Oak substation costs $2.015 million.

Work at the Fulton substation costs $3.99 million.

The single biggest project was the complete replacement of the Tatton Substation at a cost of $8.2 million.

That project was completed in November 2018.

“On behalf of the city, we thank you (for all you did immediately after the storm, and what you’ve done to be better prepared for the next one),” said Mayor Pat Rios.

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