July’s major rain event, which dropped up to 25” of rain in some areas, caused considerable damage to roadways, businesses, and neighborhoods throughout the City of Rockport.

Once emergency repairs were completed and the area began to dry out, the City’s Public Works Department (PWD) launched a documentation process and developed a plan for restoration.

The three major components included drainage, potholes, and sinkholes. Each was assessed for safety issues, severity, size, and potential causes, including the steps necessary to alleviate the issue.

Due to staffing and equipment restraints - as well as the need to provide normal, daily service - the City has contracted with outside vendors to speed up the process.

A contract for $124,000 has been let to fix sinkholes in the City.

The contractor for street sweeping, who was selected earlier in the year, began work in mid-August to remove silt and sediment that remained on streets throughout the city. The estimated cost for street sweeping is $30,000.

Roughly $93,000 has been allocated to an outside contractor, that has brought in trackhoes, bulldozers, and other equipment to dredge and clear out drainage ditches, swales, and other stormwater runoff paths.

Engineers are working with the PWD to evaluate the more complicated issues and determine best management practices and plans to identify costs, which could range from $100,000 to several million dollars per project.

A contract for $33,700 has been awarded to repair and re-grade areas of Traylor Street. The annual street sealcoating program, working with Aransas County Road & Bridge, is now underway in the Old Rockport/downtown area.

The sealcoating work is estimated at between $150,000 - $200,000.

Director of Public Works and Development Services Mike Donoho said one of the biggest surprises coming out of the flooding disaster was the appearance of sinkholes. More than 30 sinkholes have been identified, with the causes ranging from broken pipes to groundwater and oversaturation, to dissolving materials.

Repairs may require additional time as repairs are completed and fill material is added, compacted, and allowed to settle to ensure stability before being topped with proper material.

Residents are asked to fill out a “fix it” form on the City’s website (www.cityofrockport.com) if they notice a situation that the PWD may not be aware of.

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