The Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) Board of Trustee’s will meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 14 to discuss its plan for a return to school in the fall.

The ACISD released new information Thursday, July 9 regarding its plan, and included two options they are currently looking into for a return to fall instruction.

Due to some “non-negotiables” outlined by the state of Texas, the ACISD will not be able to provide a ‘hybrid model’ of school instruction. This hybrid model would have included days for both virtual and face-to-face instruction, something the ACISD had been looking into. However, that is no longer an option.

Instead, the ACISD outlined a plan that includes two options:

Option 1: Student will participate in daily 100% Face-to-Face (F2F) instruction following a traditional model of instruction. Campuses will follow health guidance around prevention practices, response measures, and mitigation practices.

Option 2: Student will participate in virtual learning 100% of the time with daily required instruction.

These options will be discussed further at the July 14 special board meeting in the Rockport-Fulton High School Commons. The meeting will also be live streamed on the ACISD’s Facebook page.

Along with the release of two plans for a return to fall instruction, the ACISD also sent out a survey to all parents/guardians. The survey is seeking the input of every parent/guardian, as well as where they stand in regard to Option’s 1 and 2.

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