In memory of brother

The family of Chris Whited traveled to Rockport recently to donate two side sonar units to the Rockport Fishing Community and Club. Club President Clifton “Kelly” Hoffmann, at left, accepts the side sonar units from Chris Whited’s brother, James.

Rockport Fishing Community and Club President Clifton “Kelly” Hoffmann helped organize a search for a missing fisherman in April. Chris Whited’s body was recovered, and his family recently donated two side sonar units to the Club for use in future searches.

During the presentation, which was held at the local Texas Parks & Wildlife office, Whited’s brother, James, said, “We finally made it to Rockport to donate two of the three sonar units to the Rockport Fishing Community and Club.

“Game Warden Captain Brent Tucker and Game Warden Hunt were present to be part of this. Without Captain Tucker and his team showing us this equipment that located my brother this would have never happened.

“I also want to thank Rockport Marine for their efforts and donation to help purchase more sonar units than we originally planned. A third unit will be donated to Travis County rescue service at a later date.”

Hoffmann, many members of Chris Whited’s family, and the TPWD game wardens who assisted in the search were on hand for the donation.

“Whited’s family took this tragedy and raised funds to purchase equipment to help others in the future,” said Rockport Fishing Community and Club Vice President Shannon Kennedy Sawyer.

Learn more about Rockport Fishing Community and Club by visiting its Facebook page.

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