During the coming weeks reports about the importance of the 2020 Census will be published in The Rockport Pilot. An accurate Census is vital to Aransas County’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst disasters in history. When that storm hit it took us to our knees but the resilience of our community has put us back on our feet.

The 2020 Census will be yet another way that we can help our neighbors recover from the devastation of Harvey.

The first step has already been taken and a Census Committee has been formed to get the process started in Aransas County. The members of the committee include representatives from local government, business, education and non-profit organizations.

Complete Count Committees (CCC) are volunteer committees established by local governments and community leaders or organizations to increase awareness and motivate residents to respond to the 2020 Census.

CCCs serve as state and local “census ambassador” groups that play an integral part in ensuring a complete and accurate count of the community in the 2020 Census. Success of the census depends on community involvement at every level. The U.S. Census Bureau cannot conduct the 2020 Census alone.

Census data are used in many ways. Some examples include:

• Distribution of more than $675 billion annually in federal funds back to state and local governments

• Redistricting of state legislative districts

• Forecasting future transportation needs for all segments of the population

• Determining areas eligible for housing assistance and rehabilitation loans

• Assisting federal, tribal, state, and local governments in planning and implementing programs, services, and emergency response

• Designing facilities for people with disabilities, the elderly, and children

This committee and the Census Bureau will be reaching out to individuals in the community to make sure Aransas County’s count is complete. Everyone in our county is important to the process.

Next week: Census Jobs

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