Trump parade on land and water

Aransas County was awash in American flags and pro-Trump flags Saturday, Sept. 5 and Sunday, Sept. 6. The occasion was a simultaneous vehicle, walking, and boat parade Saturday, and a boat parade, from Cove Harbor to Port Aransas, via the Intercoastal Waterway, Sunday.

Saturday’s parade, which was organized by Keith Thomas Jackson, attracted a huge crowd to the festival grounds. Participants heard lively speeches from Congressman Michael Cloud and State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst prior to the parades.

The festivities opened with eight-year-old Loleta Marie Jackson leading the Pledge of Allegiance, and Leanna Wilson leading a robust singing of the National Anthem.

Congressman Cloud and Sen. Kolkhorst, who are facing opponents in the November election, noted President Trump is doing what he said he would do, and is putting American citizens first, even if some people don’t approve the way he is doing it.

Both elected officials, more animated than usual, spoke in patriotic terms, including the importance of God and country today.

(Note: Congressman Cloud’s and Sen. Kolkhorst’s speeches are on the Rockport Pilot’s Facebook page.)

Rockport Police Chief Greg Stevens said the parades went off without a hitch.

“They went exceptionally well,” he said. “We estimate there were up to 2,000 people involved.

“I appreciate everyone being peaceful and respectful of each other.”

Noting the good relationships between the Rockport Police Department, Aransas County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Public Safety, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and Corpus Christi Police Department, Stevens said, “We didn’t expect a problem, but we were ready if there was one.”

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