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Red Star Studio’s Joe Barrington is the unanimous choice of the Keep Aransas County Beautiful (KACB) Blue Crab Committee to be the sculptor to bring the iconic “Big Blue Crab” back to welcome residents and visitors.

Barrington’s impressive art can be seen throughout Texas and the United States.

Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, the far larger than life Big Blue Crab graced the entrance to Texas’ only “Blue Wave” Beach.

It was the symbol of the friendliness of Aransas County residents and their abiding concern for the aquatic environment of the Rockport-Fulton vacation spot.

“Joe is one of Texas’ most celebrated sculptors. His vision for bringing our Blue Crab back fit perfectly with what this community wants and needs,” said KACB Selection Committee Chairman John Aquilino. “Joe’s a born-and-bred Texas outdoorsman and that spirit runs through his award-winning work from the life-like to the whimsical.”

Made from stainless steel of substantial thickness covered in weather-impervious powder-coat colors, the Barrington-built crab promises not only to withstand future Harvey-strength storms, but also to prove visually stunning. When completed the Crab statue will rest in a meditation garden of paver bricks, each engraved to reflect the generosity of donors and the memory of loved ones present and passed.

The talents and promise of Barrington are expected to ramp up fundraising efforts to bring the Blue Crab Memorial project to completion by late 2020 (early 2021 at the latest).

KACB has received donations and pledges to cover the first phase of the project.

The total cost of the project is estimated at about $135,000, plus $5,000 to the Aransas County Navigation District for its long-term upkeep.

To date, KACB has raised a little more than $48,000 in a dedicated bank account, as well a $25,000 pledge from the Shaw Family.

The Blue Crab Committee is diligently seeking funding opportunities, including large family foundation and local business donations, as well as sales of the memorial bricks.

“This is a community-wide effort. When completed, we intend to stage a celebration truly worthy of the spirit of Rockport, Fulton and all of Texas,” said Aquilino.

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