Local youth minister Billy McDonnel has begun the process of becoming a fulltime Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Area Representative for Rockport-Fulton. McDonnel’s intention to pursue a fulltime role with the FCA was announced Tuesday, Dec. 8.

In addition to McDonnel, FCA Coastal Bend Area Director Ricky Sparks will assist McDonnel in reviving the program in Rockport-Fulton and other schools in San Patricio County.

Sparks is the Coastal Bend’s first FCA Area Director. McDonnel will also be Rockport’s first FCA Area Representative.

McDonnel said the opportunity to accept this position is something he’s been praying for.

“Personally, I’ve been praying for an opportunity to serve in full time ministry for years, all while staying local,” said McDonnel. “If God affirms my calling to this position through financial and spiritual affirmation, then I look forward to being a good steward of the job and serving the community well.”

While the FCA used to have a local presence, led mainly by former Rockport-Fulton High School coaches, McDonnel will work with current coaches to revive and strengthen the fellowship.

“I am mostly excited about an opportunity to connect our local coaches to the local church,” said McDonnel. “Coaches are in a position of influence and leadership, and more often than not coaches are critiqued and torn apart for not doing enough. I am excited to push the local church to come alongside the coach and encourage them.”

McDonnel is in the early stages of setting up FCA’s presence and will be fundraising the next three months to fully fund the program for the next year.

To offer a donation to McDonnel and support the FCA program in Rockport, visit

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