The Aransas County Independent School District (ACISD) Board of Trustees, at a special meeting Wednesday, Sept. 2, relieved ACISD Superintendent Joseph Patek of his duties and appointed Rose Tran as acting ACISD Superintendent.

That action was approved unanimously.

Tran began her day-to-day duties as interim ACISD Superintendent Thursday, Sept. 3.

After meeting in closed session for a little more than three hours, the board returned to open session and made a motion regarding superintendent transition plans.

In the motion, the board approved the reassignment of Patek to Superintendent Emeritus. He will remain with the ACISD, but will no longer serve in the day-to-day duties as superintendent, until the end of his current contract in June 2021. He will serve in a consultant role to Tran and retire at the end of his term.

In the same motion, the board named Tran acting ACISD Superintendent. She will no longer serve in her previous role as Fulton Learning Center (FLC) principal.

Tran will remain ACISD’s acting Superintendent until the board finds a permanent replacement. The ACISD’s superintendent search process is still in its early stages.

The board and Patek released a joint statement Thursday, Sept. 3:

“Joseph Patek has announced his retirement as Superintendent of Schools for the ACISD. An agreement has been reached which allows Mr. Patek the ability to retire and pursue other interests, and permits the board to pursue hiring another superintendent. The board and Mr. Patek have entered into the agreement believing it is in their respective best interests and in the best interests of the district.

“On behalf of the entire district, the board expresses its sincere appreciation to Mr. Patek for his leadership in establishing and maintaining strong fiscal stability during difficult economic times, continued academic achievement, and for the many other achievements and accomplishments of the entire district team during Patek’s tenure as Superintendent.

“Mr. Patek thanks the present and past boards for providing him with the opportunity to serve in the ACISD. A school district is measured by the commitment of the board, staff and community to its children and their achievement. This district is indeed so committed. Mr. Patek would like to express his heartfelt appreciation to the staff and community for their support of the district’s programs and services during his term as superintendent, and throughout his years of service in the community and district.

“Success requires hard work, dedication, leadership and vision. The board and Mr. Patek wish to acknowledge and recognize the teachers, principals, administrators, staff, students, parents and patrons who have all contributed to the district’s success.

“The board extends its best wishes to Mr. Patek in his future endeavors. On its part, the board will begin its search for a new superintendent in order to not disrupt the district’s operations.”

The board also released a statement introducing Tran as Interim ACISD Superintendent:

“Mrs. Tran, a Rockport-Fulton High School graduate, began her career in education more than 20 years ago as a teacher. She has worked in both Live Oak Learning Center and FLC campuses as an educator and in leadership roles. Mrs. Tran holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Superintendent Certificate.

“The board would like to thank Mrs. Tran for helping during this transitional time while we actively start the superintendent search. Trustees will be working with a search firm to find the best person for this important role. A new Superintendent will be named at the conclusion of our search process.”

Patek has been a superintendent for 20 years, the last 13 with the ACISD.

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