Aransas County, the City of Rockport, and the Town of Fulton are applying for grants to repair and improve roads and drainage. We need your help by sending us your pictures. Grant applications require that we provide pictures of the hurricane damage in order to receive funding. If you have pictures of flooding, road damage or drainage system damage on or very near any of the roads listed below, please send pictures to the following email address:

If pictures are of the flooding adjacent to the road and the road cannot be seen in the picture, please note where the road is located in relation to the picture you are providing, otherwise the picture cannot be used. Drone footage and or latitude and longitude coordinates would be also be very helpful if available. Please let us know when the picture was taken. Send pictures in by no later than May 10, 2019 preferable sooner. We appreciate your assistance. If you have any questions call Vicki Foley, Aransas County Long Term Recovery at 361-790-9496.

Austin, Magnolia, Live Oak, S. Pearl, Ann, Young, 1st, 2nd, Mathis, Cove Harbor-North, Cove Harbor-South, Balderee, Jims Smokehouse Rd, 16th, Monkey, Traylor East, Fulton, 6th, Broadway, 5th, Mesquite, 11th, Cactus, 12th, Laurel, Sandra, De Housa, Prairie, Linden East of Pearl, East Alamito, Litron North of Alamito, Moline North of Alamito, N. Racine N of Alamito, N. Fugua N. of Alamito, N. Verne N. of Alamito, N. Kossuth N. of Alamito, N. Doughty N. of Alamito, N. Terry N. of Alamito, N. Burton Market to New Orleans, N. Hood Market to W. Sabinal, S. Lorena, Catalina, West Lake, Bermuda, Miramar, McLester, Perry Jones, Tedford, Oakdale, Donnie, Sipe, Hill, Lazy, and Sunset.

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